Chip - The AV Kid - cropped

Chip next to his computer having a talk with Kirby

Chip Willis is a character from the episode, The AV Kid. He's a member and the president of the AV Club.


When Kirby wanted a video of him losing the rap battle to his mother taken down from the Internet (that made him more angry when he learned Dawn rigged the search results, so that when people search his name, that video appears), he talked to Chip, who said he would take two weeks to remove the video, sooner if Kirby joined the AV Club. Kirby asked how he can sign up, and Chip explained that Kirby can't just "sign up", he has to be a big fan of audio/visual. When Kirby proved himself to be a fan of audio/visual, Chip let Kirby join the AV Club. Chip asked Kirby if he can consider them friends, and when Kirby accepted, Chip did bad things. Kirby then defriended him making Chip think that since Fish and Eli are already Kirby's friends, there's no room for a third friend.

He then frames Fish and Eli during their business, and when they're about to be fired, Kirby Buckets shows proof to everyone that Chip was only trying to get Eli and Fish fired and remove them from Kirby's life. Chip tells everyone that he's "stupid rich", giving him the punishment of having to invest for the fly spy.