Demarco is a one-time character who appear in the episode Balloonacy!

Physical Appearance

Demarco is shown to be a 16 year old boy with short curly black hair, with a small goatee growing out, sporting a jean jacket, a white shirt under it, black pants and 


Her was first mention by Dawn as she asked her parents for a raise on her allowance, when they asked about his name she told him 'Demarco' but they thought it was a false name and refuse to raise her allowance. Later she was asked to have Demarco come to the house to prove he not a fake in order to raise her allowance, later Demacro made a full apperance as he talk to the parents, but they believe him to be just Dawn dress like a guy.

It wasn't until Demarco went to visit Dawn at the house when the parents discover that he and Dawn are not the same but to different people, only after they insualted his accent, causing him to break up with Dawn. Near the end Demarco revealed that he found a new girlfriend; Kimberly (who strangley looked like a female version of Kirby)


  • Demarco is played by Olivia Stuck is a duel role
  • He has an Brooklyn accent.
  • It could be assume that Dawn got her allowance raise when they saw Demarco and Dawn together.