Dippy the Frog is Kirby's latest drawing. He is part Eli, part Fish, and all random.


Dippy is a green frog who stands on two legs. He has a pink jacket and hat. His hair is blonde and curly.


Dippy is extremely kooky. Anything he does is unpredictable.


Kirby Buckets: Kirby and Dippy have never spoken to each other, yet.

Scrunch Face: Scrunch Face is completely disgusted by Dippy.

Macho Taco: Macho Taco is scared of Dippy because he defeated him in a wrestling match.

Dr.Gut Punch: Dippy and Gut Punch haven't spoken yet, but Gut Punch will probably give him a good punch now and than for being too random.

Octostache: Octostache is very unsure of Dippy.

Tri-Butt: Tri-Butt is the most welcoming to Dippy, and he finds him charming.


  • Dippy's eyes are never straight. They are always facing every which-way.
  • He could also be inspired by Fish's frog buddy, Frog.
  • His tongue is bigger than Macho Taco.
  • Dippy the Frog is voiced by Dexter Adriano.
  • Despite debuting he has never appeared in another episode.



"Will you be my potatoeneck?"