"Say 'ah'!"

Dr. Gut Punch to Scrunch Face in Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers.


Dr.Gut Punch giving Scrunch Face a check up.

Dr. Gut Punch is one of Kirby's drawings. He is a doctor who thinks punching his patients will make them all better.


Dr. Gut punch wears a white lab coat and a blue shirt underneath. He has brown pants and a belt. His hair is white and bushy, and he is missing a tooth in the upper left of his mouth. (Upper right in perspective).


Dr. Gut Punch always finds an excuse to punch somebody. He is eager to give anyone a check up. His punches usually send someone flying, and leave them wondering what the heck just happened. Gut Punch speaks in a German accent.


Kirby Buckets: Dr.Gut Punch likes to give Kirby "annual check ups". He is not one to persuade Kirby to do anything to his or Kirby's benefit, unlike the other drawings.

Scrunch Face: Scrunch Face sees Gut Punch about his face, but he just makes it worse.

Tri-Butt: Dr.Gut Punch will sometimes examine Tri-Butt's three butt cheeks, ending the analysis with a punch.

Macho Taco: Macho Taco and Gut Punch get along, but they will fight each other if they disagree on something.

Octostache: Dr.Gut punch and Octostache seem to have it pretty well.

Dippy the Frog: Gut Punch will probably give Dippy a good punch now and than for being too random.


Dr.Gut Punch on Kirby's bed.


  • Dr. Gut Punch could be based on a mad scientist.
  • Dr. Gut Punch is left handed, having his boxing glove mostly on his left hand. However, when he punched Tri-Butt in Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers, the glove was on his right hand, meaning that he could be ambidextrous.
  • In the intro, Gut Punch is around Kirby's height.
  • He seems to hide his glove behind his back, possibly wanting to surprise his patient.
  • It is unknown how he lost his tooth. One possibility could be that he accidentally punched himself.
  • He is voiced by Dean Julian.
  • Dr. Gut Punch can mold his hands into different shapes, as seen in Killer Puppies.


"I zhink I need to perform a buttectomy."

"Ze good news is that you made it to Artmageddon. Ze bad news, you are stuck in here vith me, and ve have time for your annual check up!"

"As a doctor, I would like to offer a second opinion."

"Yes, zis is going to be bad."

"Zat eyeball...Is it real?"

"Aha! I see ze problem. Your eye is out of your head! Let me put it back in for you..."

"He's gonna die!"

"My diagnosis, vone big lie, growing out of hand."

"Zomebody get a doctor...Who knows vat he's doing."