Dr. Mac 'n Cheese's Labyrinth of Horrors is the the eighth episode of Season 3, and the eighth episode of "Kirby Buckets Warped." It aired on January 25, 2017.


It's time for annual Bucket's family vacation and it's Kirby turn and suggest his family to go on an inter-dimensional vacation with the orb, However the universe they enter is in a world where Mac 'n' Cheese is a evil scientist who tried to find the perfect human body to switch places with.


One the day of the five-year anniversary of the death of Fish's guinea pig, Mr. Mac 'n' Cheese, He,Gil and Mitchell argue over who was the real owner of Mac 'n' Cheese.


Main cast


  • This episode revealed that Dawn was the result of parents having a romantic picnic.
  • It is revealed that last year vacation was so bad that the parents has hated Dawn for that for nearly year.