Forest Hills Blues is the fourth episode of Season 3 and the fourth episode of "Kirby Buckets Warped", which aired on January 19, 2017


Going it on his own to find his parents, Kirby entered to a universe where he's a police cop, his partner is Principal Mitchell and Fish is his captain. He then learn that two figure left a message telling Kirby they're here, believe it to be his parents.


While taking care of the Brad Parents,Dawn made a deal to keep quiet of all the stuff they stole and hidden under her mattress in exchange for a dog, however the dog they got her is unexpected.


Main cast


  • Kirby now has the coordinate to find his and dawn parents.
  • First Episode of "Warped" where Belinda didn't appear.
    • Mostly because she's trapped in the medieval universe with Dawn not knowing about it.