Air date:2016

it starts when kirby was at svp with his friends checkin out kirby's cartoon show until he saw emma Dawson the prettiest girl here she is kirby's age and they have alot in common plus she's the new girl at forest hill high but dawn was sick of Kirby in lala land so she and Belinda had to break them up while fish and eli were starting a business with hard but fish was too business talking to buern his girlfriend eli had to do something back with Kirby when was talking to emma about kir-blammo emma said I think your cute, and kirby imagined his drawing fell for her but dawn was determined to split them up she tryed everything but it backfired when it made them closer like never before so dawn gave up and Belinda was dating Emma's older brother Kevin and dawn never found a guy who like her but kirby asked emma out on a date as for fish and eli they patched thinks up on their friendship and business so they made a schedule for their break so fish and buern!