Macho Taco

Macho Taco

"Hands off my tomatoes!"

Macho Taco to Octostache in Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers.

Macho Taco is one of Kirby's drawings. He is a wrestling taco inspired by a "mystery taco" which Eli ate out of a vending machine.


Macho Taco wears a blue cape, a red head mask and boots. He has human arms and legs, but his body is of a taco.


Macho Taco is super confident in his strength. He is willing to challenge anybody, big or small. He is very boastful, convincing Kirby that he is his "best work".


Kirby Buckets: Macho Taco usually tries to impress Kirby with his wrestling skills.

Scrunch Face: Scrunch Face and Macho Taco always fight about who is Kirby's best work.

Tri-Butt: Macho Taco doesn't really fight Tri-Butt, because he is familiar with how strong he is, calling on Macho if any muscle is required.

Dr.Gut Punch: Dr.Gut Punch and Macho Taco are great friends. Gut Punch isn't afraid to give the wrestler a good punch, though.

Octostache: Octostache and Macho Taco fight all the time. Macho usually starts those fights.

Dippy the Frog: Macho Taco is scared of Dippy because he defeated him in a wrestling match.


  • Macho Taco can eat himself.
  • Macho Taco trash talks, much like the average wrestler.
  • He seems to store things in his "taco shell".
  • In the intro, Macho Taco is the first drawing to be seen. Also, he is taller than Scrunch Face by just an inch.
  • Macho Taco can pull his eyeball out of his head.
  • Macho Taco is Kirby's first drawing.
  • He stands upright, but his taco fillings don't fall out.
  • He is voiced by Dean Julian.


"Not your best work, I'M your best work!"

"There's the rules, son!"

"I want that moustache!"

"No, this eyeball's real!"

"No I didn't!"

"No one spills on Macho Taco!"

"So that means we're all gonna die!"