"Not afraid?! But everyone is afraid of Mr.Flice Guy!"

Mr.Flice Guy is Kirby's drawing of a Flice.


Mr.Flice Guy has an insect body, which is brown in color. He has sharp teeth and pincers, and thick eyebrows. His eyes are yellow and red.


Flice Guy is very lonely. He just wants some friends, but everyone is afraid of him. Instead of making friends, he makes "slaves", by contaminating his victims with disgusting flice bites.


The only person he interacts with is Kirby. He denies that Kirby would be his friend, so he goes on a biting spree with other flice.


  • Flice Guy is so scary looking, he frightened a teacher.
  • Flice Guy has green colored drool.
  • He is voiced by Tommy Blacha.


"Not afraid?! But everyone is afraid of Mr.Flice Guy!...I'm so lonely..."

"Kirby, I'd like you to meet my new friends..."