Octostache in Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers.

Octostache is one of Kirby's drawings. He has the ability to control his giant moustache.


Octostache wears a beige turtleneck with brown overalls. He has a gigantic orange moustache that moves much like an octopus's tentacles.


Octostache is brawny and uses his moustache for almost everything. He is very pirate like.


Kirby Buckets: Octostache talks to Kirby, usually about his moustache.

Scrunch Face: Octostache is sometimes allowed to carry Scrunch Face with his moustache powers.

Tri-Butt: Tri-Butt is a good friend of Octostache.

Dr.Gut Punch: Octo and Gut Punch have it pretty well.

Macho Taco: Macho Taco and Octostache are always fighting or wrestling.

Dippy the Frog: Octostache is very unsure of Dippy, mainly because he is too random.


  • Octostache is a skilled violin player.
  • He could very well be based on a pirate.
  • Octostache is the tallest of the group, along with Dr.Gut Punch and Tri-Butt.
  • He uses his moustache in some quirky ways, like pretending he is a spider on a cobweb.
  • He is voiced by Tommy Blacha.


"Out of the way!"

"Take this!"

"I will not lose my moustache to flice, Kirby! My moustache, its all I have!"