"I have a special toilet!"

Tri-Butt to Kirby in Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers.

Tri-Butt is one of Kirby's drawings. Instead of two butt cheeks, he has three, giving him the name "Tri-Butt".



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Kirby (creator) Scrunch Face Octostache Dr. Gut Punch Dippy the Frog

Tri-Butt usually wears a green track suit, and has no hair on his head. He is one of the tallest in the group, along with Octostache and Dr.Gut Punch.


Tri-Butt takes great pride in his three butt cheeks, and usually freaks out about how others only have two. He never really complains, having a somewhat positive nature.


Kirby Buckets: Tri-Butt is very loyal to Kirby and helps him on his adventures by giving him advice or ideas.

Scrunch Face: Scrunch Face is seen mostly around Tri-Butt, complaining, leaving him asking "Is there anything you DO like?"

Dr.Gut Punch: Dr.Gut punch gives Tri-Butt check ups, always ending with him stuck in the ceiling.

Macho Taco: Tri-Butt depends on Macho Taco's strength a lot, saying "If you want to hang with us, you have to wrestle Macho Taco!"

Octostache: Tri-Butt and Octostache are good buddies, but they will argue with each other if a personal opinion is defied.

Dippy the Frog: Tri-Butt thinks Dippy is "charming".


  • Tri-Butt can fit himself in most places where someone couldn't fit, like a baby basket or a lawnmower seat, despite having three butt cheeks.
  • There is a picture of Tri-Butt on Kirby's bathroom door that says "To the toilet!"
  • He apparently smells like pig intestines to Scrunch Face.
  • Tri-Butt is voiced by Josh Faure-Brac.


"They are probably noticing you only have two butt cheeks. Wait a minute, you've all got two butt cheeks! Ahh!"

"Actually, that's me!"


"Hi, new guy! I mean...If you want to hang with us, you have to wrestle Macho Taco!"

"The frog wins!"

"Well, I find him charming!"

"You hoo!"

"There's room for three butt cheeks!"

"Is there anything you DO like?"

"I did, and I don't regret it! Wee!"

"The saddest boy in the world, take one!"

"And the award for best actor and manipulating role goes to...Kirby!"