"War and Pizza" is the fourth episode of Season 2.


When Kirby's parents go out, they leave behind a list of rules to follow. Kirby orders pizza, but when the pizza delivery guy shows up and asks for a tip, Kirby, Fish and Eli don't have enough money. The delivery guy then proceeds to hack the Bucket's television and threatens to break his parents rules unless they confess and admit to lies they've told in the past. Meanwhile, breaking one of her parents rules about not leaving the house, Dawn (with Belinda in tow) attempts to get revenge on a girl named Rebecca for taking her dress in gym (forcing her to wear a soccer bag for the rest of the day) by bringing a bag of animal poop. When it turns out that Rebecca is actually very nice, and took her dress by mistake, she tries to leave with her "purse" (the bag of dung), but a series of events prevent her from doing so.


Main cast

Guest Cast

  • Madison Iseman as Rebecca


  • In this episode, Mrs. Bucket acted like a jerk as she doesn't believe that Kirby and Dawn could be left alone, even calling them losers when she came home. 
  • This episode revealed that Eli has the same birthday as another kid name Murph Murphy's,which others kids goes to his instead.

List of Secrets for Kirby, Fish and Eli.

  • Kirby: Re-gift the bread maker that Fish gave him for Christmas, keep the jeans that Fish let him borrow and slept in them.
  • Fish: Pretended to be sick on Eli's 6th birthday to go to Murph's birthday (Murph had his birthday at a water park while Eil had a wedding them),Put Mayo in Kirby's toothpaste. Doesn't like one of his friend's shirt.
  • Eli: Broke Fish's favorite toy because he was jealous of it, Re-Gift the bread maker that Kirby gave him for Christmas, which is the same one that Fish gave him for Christmas. For the first 6 months, Eli thought Kirby name as ""Curvy". Dreamt that he was a lobster with sneakers and clogged Kirby toilet.